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*This Interchangeable Page is BEING CREATED and will be available SOON!***

Join our Interchangeable of the Month Club!


An Interchangeable is a home decor item that has a base set, and themed add-on sets that can be interchanged every month or every season!  Here are our current design offerings!  Click on the pictures below to watch a short video as we change one add-on set to another!  SO FUN!!


Subscriptions started during one month will ship (or be available for pick-up) the following month, during the week of the 15th.

When you sign up, you will receive the base set AND the Add-on Interchangeable set (theme according to chart below). **This will be the largest payment - thereafter will be just for the Add-on Interchangeable set.

Purchased Add-on Theme Ships/Avail for Pick Up
January March Theme February - week of 15th
February April Theme March - week of 15th
March May Theme April - week of 15th
April June Theme May - week of 15th
May July Theme June - week of 15th
June August Theme July - week of 15th
July September Theme August - week of 15th
August October Theme September - week of 15th
September November Theme October - week of 15th
October December Theme November - week of 15th
November January Theme December - week of 15th
December February Theme January - week of 15th


The Thrill of Anticipation - Receive a new package every month with a manageable project for you to create (alone or with others) and enjoy in your home or office!

Private FB Group - Belong to a community that shares and inspires each other.  One of my favorite things about this group is when members share their pictures - it gets the creative juices flowing with the different color choices.  Belong to this creative community and stay up to date on announcements and upcoming Interchangeable sets!

Painting Tutorials - New to painting?  No worries - I got you, my friend!  I'll walk you through it with detailed instructions that you can paint along with, and pause (or re-wind) as you paint at your own pace.

Sense of Accomplishment - Whether displaying your sets at the office or in your home - you KNOW your friends are going to exclaim how cute they are!  Then, when you show them that it's an interchangeable - the excitement is multiplied!  When they ask you where you got them - you'll proudly say, "I did that!" 

Create Memories - We have quite a few members who signed up with their friends and get together every month to paint their sets!  What a fun way to ignite creativity and make some fun memories that'll be remembered every time add-on sets are changed.  I bet you have a friend or two who would be up for this!  


Wood Blanks Only - You will receive the unfinished wood blank surfaces, access to tutorials, and admittance into our private FB group.  (This would work well for you if you already have paint and are comfortable painting on your own).

Kit - You will receive the unfinished wood blank surfaces, paint pots with the colors I used to paint my sample, cosmetic sponges, foam plate for palette, paper towel, access to tutorials, and admittance into our private FB group.  (This would work well for you if you are a new-to-intermediate painter, don't want to worry about choosing colors, and want the guidance of tutorials).


STEP 1:  Decide which design option you'd like.

STEP 2:  Decide which membership option fits you best.

STEP 3:  Decide if you would like it shipped to you, or if you'll be picking up every month.  (Pick up option is only available to Spokane WA and local surrounding areas).

STEP 4:  Click the link that fits your choice below the following graphics. 

**Please note:  You will be directed to the PayPal platform, as that is where the subscription is housed.  You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to join - simply pay as a guest using your credit card of choice.  (If you are on your mobile phone, the 'pay as a guest, option might not be visible to you.  I know it's not to me on my phone.  However, it is if using a desktop/laptop device).  Please feel free to reach out to me if you run into any issues!

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