Night Song

Night Song

I love being able to re-purpose items, especially in a symbolic way!  

I started with an old record – the older the better as they are thicker (pic 1). I also had some music paper on a roll I got from Hobby Lobby in the papercraft area (I’m sorry, I don’t remember what brand.) I then used a clear gel medium and coated the record. Laying the paper on the record, I started from the center and pressed the paper firmly to the record, and coated the top of the paper with gel medium (pic 2). Once dry, I folded the edge of the paper over the record and sanded the edge. This helped the excess paper release with a clean line instead of trying to tear or cut the excess off (pic 3).

I put a thin layer of Golden Absorbent Ground on the paper (pic 1). Using the Marabu Fashion Sprays, I sprayed color over the record and blended with a brush. Then I spritzed some rubbing alcohol on it to create the dots/stars (pic 2). The final step was using the Marabu Art Crayons to draw the tree, bird and moon. I blended the colors to smooth them out with a wet brush (pic 3).

So fun! I had this up for display at a recent craft show and received many complements! They thought it was particularly clever when I turned it over and they saw that it was made on a record and how the music paper corresponded with the surface! It’s such a good feeling when people like something you make 🙂

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