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12" Penguin (6A1) - MDF

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DIY MDF Paint Kit - Kit includes:  12" MDF* surface (1/4" thick) with etched design, paint, paper towel, foam plate for mixing, instructions and a reference picture. 

*MDF – medium-density fiberboard which is generally denser than plywood.  Smooth surface makes them easy to paint.

**Brushes sold separately**  [Due to supply chain issues, I'm no longer including brushes in the kits automatically.  The bonus is that you only order them if you need them, so it keeps the kit price low for repeat orders!  Win-win!]

Hanging hardware not included.  Alternate display ideas:  sit on a shelf or mantle; use a plate stand or a decorative home décor easel; attach to a wreath as a door hanger; drill holes and use jute string or wire to hang as a door hanger.

NOTE:  Larger sizes (18”, 24”) are available for special order – please contact me if interested.