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***This Interchangeable Page is BEING CREATED and will be available SOON!***


Subscriptions started during the month will ship (or be available for pick-up) during the week of the 15 of the following month.   For example - subscriptions started in January will ship in Feb.   Once shipped, you'll receive a shipping notification and tracking number.

We work 2 months ahead of theme.  That means the payment you make in January pays for the March add-on set that you will receive in February.  This gives you plenty of time to paint and display before March.  This continues in the same manner through-out the year.

You have 3 membership options!

    • Wood blanks only - You will receive the unfinished wood blank surfaces. (This would work well for you if you already have paint and are comfortable painting on your own)
    • Kit - You will receive the unfinished wood blank surfaces, and paint pots with the colors I used to paint my sample. (This would work well for you if you are a new-to-intermediate painter, don't want to worry about choosing colors, and want the guidance of tutorials)
    • Paint it for me! (Limited**) - You will receive the wood surfaces painted as I have painted my samples. (This would work well for you if you don't have the time or desire to paint it yourself, but dang-it! It's just so cute you need to have it, or want to gift it to someone as a blessing every month).  **I only have 10 ' Paint it for me!' memberships available!

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